About Me

Who I am? Just call me on my code name Simon.

I'm a 19 year old boy who quoted by many people as strong and smart after they know the dramatic story of my life. I was born on the day of Sunday, meaning people born in Sunday brings smile to people (I search for it!), and this was my second life.

I love learning new things and I always seek good thing in my everyday right, yet sometimes it's hard to do when something goes wrong, 'cause my weakness is giving up easily. My short existence taught me so many things, I grew matured and be an inspiration to others. I'm full of confidence and nature of helping others, the 'good boy' in our family.

People thought I'm mute because I have this taciturn nature, I want quite place, a weirdo more or suiting. I blast my humor and being naughty with my close friends and to the forums I'm in, but I'm a certified mysterious guy. In spite of these usual qualities people trusts and loves me, I don't know, they just keep on saying "I like you", "You inspire me", "I admire you", and other praises made my heart so big!

Words are not enough to describe who really I am, I run out of words to describe me. Probably people who know me can make a better and more believing description who really Simon is.

Thanks Cricket for her thread: Mini Blog Challenge

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  1. Wonderful post Simon! :)

    A few years back, I think at the age of 17-18 it dawned on me that I would give too easily when things got tough. With a little practice, mainly that of self awareness, I learned to control myself, and realized that sometimes the struggles we face during those difficult moments are by far some of the most rewarding. It'd difficult to explain, but try not to give up and tackle life and things that get in your way head on!

    I look forward to interacting with you at v7n more!