Monday, November 7, 2011

What To Eat When You're Under Pressure?

While am feeling down these days, I have thought of this topic. So I search for it. A good read, simple yet effective. :)

Whether it's a broken heart, midafternoon slump or job interview nerves you're trying to tackle, these fix-it foods will have you eating healthier and feeling happier.

What to eat after a tough morning training session: Oats + strawberries + pumpkin seeds

Post-workout, steer clear of high-sugar snacks and go for slow-releasing carbs with some protein, advises Patrick Holford, author of The Feel Good Factor (Hachette, $35). "When you exercise you burn up stores of glucose, which the oats and fruit help to restore. You also generate lots of oxidants. Having antioxidants in fruit, especially strawberries, helps to improve muscle recovery," he says. Then, he adds, try a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds as "they are high in magnesium, which helps stop tight and cramping muscles." Training in the evening? Holford says a chicken stir-fry with green vegies and brown rice is the way to go. Brown rice and greens are high in energising magnesium, while the lean protein will help repair muscles.

What to eat if you're having a very busy day: Tuna + mixed beans + walnuts + green tea

You're exhausted just looking at your back-to-back schedule for the day. Load up on protein for lunch – such as a tuna and bean salad – or else you're going to fade, advises dietitian Geraldine Georgeou. The fish is loaded with "omega-3 fatty acids, which will improve brain and visual functions. The amino acid tyrosine is also found in tuna; it's been found to reduce stress levels, while beans are packed with protein, fibre and iron, which help to lower blood pressure and amp up energy levels." Plus, keep your drawer full of walnuts – a magnesium and omega-3-rich protein – which will keep you satiated throughout the day. And sip antioxidant-rich green tea – it contains L-Theanine, an amino acid that increases alertness and keeps you calm.

What to eat when you've been dumped: Grilled kingfish steak + sweet potato + vegetable juice + dark chocolate

Nursing a broken heart? Foods high in the amino acid tryptophan are what the doctor ordered, says nutritionist Janella Purcell. "Tryptophan, found in protein, is used by the brain to create serotonin, the feelgood neurotransmitter. They’re also foods that will calm you down and make you sleepy – ideal when you’re feeling sad and haven’t been getting much rest,” she explains. Along with tryptophan-packed fish, a side of sweet potato and a serve of vegetable juice can help to boost your immune system. Finish off with a little dark chocolate. A Swiss study* revealed that eating a couple of squares can improve mood and act as an anti-depressant by raising serotonin levels.


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