Monday, August 1, 2011

Top 10 Food Magazines

Here is the list of Top 10 Food Magazines people used to refer to learn new tips, recipes and information about food.
1. For the very finest in food excellence, Saveur magazine is unparalleled in its deep knowledge of food cultures around the world. Indian, Mexican, Italian, Spanish and good old fashioned English cuisine all get equal attention in this multi award winning publication. Having published issues focussing solely on ‘the beauty of butter’, it is clear to see that Saveur appreciate every taste tantalising element of food and understand it even more.
So bring your gastronomic snobbery to the table and enjoy the best food magazine on the market today.

2.  Jammed with celebrity chef tips and tricks, full feature pull outs, life changing competitions and of course, a bevy of fantastically tasty recipes, the BBC Good Food Magazine is a must have for food lovers and chefs alike. With advice on the latest time saving kitchen gismos, Good Food is not afraid to take cooking into the 21st century and with a monthly feature of all the latest recipes from your favourite TV shows, will have you feeling like a celebrity chef in your own kitchen in no time.

3. As one of the prominent US female magazine publications, Family Circle is devoted to aiding the average mother in providing the best for their family, with food at the centre of it all, but also including everything needed to create your ideal family home. Whether looking for ways to lose weight, creating quick and easy recipes for the family or unwinding with a relaxing story whilst taking a break from the kitchen, Family Circle is a homestead Bible for the average Western family.

4. Delicious is a UK magazine, which makes no apology for their unashamed celebration of the world of food and an aim to be the leading food resource in the UK today. With the Australian sister magazine winning a prestigious magazine of the year award, it is no wonder that celebrity chefs from Jamie Oliver to Nigella Lawson have flocked to offer their guidance and recipes to the thousands of monthly readers. With season conscious advice and recipes galore, Delicious is sure to have you making the most out of your food at any time of the year.

5. With their own apps available on the iPhone and iPad, it should come as no surprise that Food and Wine magazine is one of the most forward thinking food magazines to be found of the shelf of your local newsagent. With praise for having introduced several new food types to the US, the magazine is loaded with originality, whether offering travel tips, the perfect wine pairing for your favourite meal, or providing the latest of mouth watering meal recipes, Food and Wine is a magazine designed for the true food connoisseur.

6. With the sad news that this fantastic magazine will cease its paper publication by the end of the year, it is a great relief that they will continue to provide all of their culinary wisdom on the fantastic website. With a wider look at the changing world of food and the agriculture responsible for bringing great produce to your home, The Food Magazine is packed with objective views on the world of health and nutrition and one of the most thoroughly insightful food magazines available today, in print of online.
7. Taste of home makes the everyday home cook a star, with their particular focus on packing every issue of their magazine with the most exciting and original recipes submitted by the thousands of readers around the US. With a circulation of 3.5 million subscribers, it’s no wonder that they estimate a yearly submission of over 90,000 recipes and with a full back catalogue of magazine publications to be found on their website, this is one magazine sure to have your kitchen smelling like a Michelin star restaurant in no time.

8. With a level of notoriety and success which lead them to launch their own New York Cafe in September 2010, Bon Appetit magazine has a long standing legacy of providing the finest in appetising news from around the world. With articles and features ranging from travel dining tips, the finest wines, recipes and menus, seasonal produce and restaurant reviews, Bon Appetit has every angle covered when it comes to quenching your appetite and pleasing your taste buds.
10. With 9 editions yearly, the Vegetarian Times magazine is a wonderful encyclopaedia of nutritional veggie recipes, invaluable cooking techniques and eco conscious thinking. The first issue was born from the publishing frustrations of devout vegetarian Paul Obis in 1974 and has held onto the same ethos of providing a niche publication for vegetarians around the world since. With a focus on a healthy lifestyle, the Vegetarian Times is not only a great magazine for strict vegetarian eaters, but a fantastic source to anyone looking for a healthier way of life.
10. In a world of celebrity conscious thin tums and trim bums, Weight Watchers magazine is a great resource of dietary, nutritional and above all good eating information, guaranteed to have you salivating whilst keeping an eye on the ever judging scales. Focussing on general female interests and packed with celebrity profiles, this is a food magazine with a difference and thanks to its comforting big brand name, can be trusted to ensure you will be tucking into the best low fat recipes in no time.


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